Literacy Materials

Our literacy department has a well equiped library of books translated into chidigo language. These books address different subjects which dirrectly affect the community such as language, environment, health, tradition

The book titles available in our stores at the moment are as in the below. Visit our project office and get a copy. 


No. Book Title Genre Price
1. Malaria Health Ksh. 50
2. Uchifwitsa Ukongo Health Ksh. 50
3. Chidigo Chehu Language  
4. Mgombato Language Ksh. 200
5.  Kuamwisa Mwana Health Ksh. 50
6. Mihi Ihumirwayo ni Adigo Environment Ksh. 100
7. Never Provoke a Chameleone Culture Ksh. 100
8. Hadisi ya N'chandze Health  
9. Zamani za kare Stories Ksh. 100
10. Kufyoka Health Ksh. 50



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